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Virtual training is no longer simply a benefit to good business. It’s a necessity.

Today’s corporate sales teams, training teams, trial attorneys, experts, entrepreneurs and more have found themselves in a unique position: We must all become broadcasters.

The need for Zoom training, webinar training, and on-camera coaching to deliver high-impact virtual meetings is greater than ever.

This is where Sena-Series™ shines. We turn every client into a V.I.P. – a Virtually Impactful Person.

Drawing upon more than a decade of experience training some of the world’s most notable celebrities, executives, and professional speakers, Sena-Series™ Virtual Training is widely known as one of the most sought-after training programs for the world’s most high-performing professionals.

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Sena-Series™ Virtual Training is the nation’s choice for powerful on-camera training for the virtual age.

Founded by Emmy-nominated host and former National News Anchor, Suzanne Sena, the Sena-Series™ team of coaches has effectively increased the confidence and skills of high-level celebrities, executives, and professionals in a wide variety of industries.

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From production and set-up guidance including background, lighting, framing and equipment to on-camera performance coaching, Sena-Series™ helps teams and professionals transform virtual presentations, webinars, and meetings into high-impact results.


The key to success on any video platform is likability and relatability. Why? Because these skills translate into credibility and trust, which drives bottom-line business results. Sena-Series™ Virtual Training can increase on-camera skills, abilities, and confidence quickly and effectively.


From accomplished public speakers to sales teams, trial lawyers, physicians in telemedicine and executives in training, the Sena-Series™ Public Speaking Training Program helps today’s professionals develop the ability to speak in a way that engages audiences and incites action.


Effective interaction with the media is essential for many of today’s top companies, executives, experts, and attorneys. The Sena-Series™ team helps these powerhouse professionals polish their skills, improve their confidence, and nail their interviews and appearances.

Ready to up your virtual presentation game and achieve proven results?

Training Programs

Virtual Meeting Coaching

To make an impact while doing business virtually, you must become strong a presenter.

This need spans every industry – law, medicine, tech, entertainment, and more.

Sena-Series™ Virtual Meeting Coaching delivers proven results to teams and individuals seeking a higher level of performance and a deeper ability to connect with stakeholders.

From Zoom to Skype to Teams, this coaching program spans all video platforms and offers clients a customized approach that delivers immediate impact.

Join some of the world’s most prominent companies and hire Sena-Series™ as your virtual meeting coach.

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Training Programs

Polished Production

Production value matters, now more than ever.

The Sena-Series™ Polished Production training program helps teams and professionals achieve high-impact production value on all video platforms.

From set-up, lighting, and framing to script writing, equipment, sound, editing, and more, our technical experts work with Clients to ensure that presentations, webinars, virtual events, and more are smooth and seamless.

To learn more about our Polished Production Training Program, contact us.


Training Programs

Virtual Group Presentation Training

Conducting effective meetings and presentations with multiple team members requires strategy and training.

Sena-Series™ Virtual Group Presentation Training helps teams and individuals learn the most effective techniques for engagement, content and delivery, ensuring that each presentation moves business goals forward.

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Training Programs

On-Camera Skills

On-Camera training is now essential for nearly every professional.

Whether presenting on a panel, creating videos for a corporate website, hosting a network TV show, or simply advancing career goals through an enhanced virtual presence, today’s teams and professionals will benefit from expert training enabling them to come across as authoritative, relatable and engaging, while learning best practices and delivery techniques for a variety of audiences.

As the nation’s leading expert in on-camera training for the virtual age, Sena-Series™ delivers the confidence and skills that translate into bottom-line business results.

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Training Programs

Public Speaking / Presentation

From accomplished public speakers to presenters-in-training, the Sena-Series™ Public Speaking Training Program will improve overall public presence, delivery, tone, pace, and poise to ensure that both in-person and virtual appearances deliver maximum impact.

We provide expertise in speaking strategically, persuasively, and communicating effectively with complete certainty.

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Training Programs

Executive / Corporate Coaching

From the Boardroom to TED talks, today’s executives must be able to succinctly and persuasively present in a way that is inspirational, while also inspiring action.

Sena-Series™ Corporate Training gives individual executives and corporate teams the skills they need to achieve powerful results and move their business goals forward.

Corporate clients can select from hands-on virtual team trainings, complete with recording and real-time feedback, to one-on-one Skype sessions that address individual strategies and deliver noticeable results.

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Training Programs

Teleprompter Training

Teleprompter skills are essential for professionals at the very highest level of their industries.

Today’s executives, politicians, hosts, personalities, and professionals must master this crucial skill in order to appear natural, at ease, and confident on camera.

Drawing from years of on-camera teleprompter experience and integrating our proprietary script-marking system – which dramatically increases ease of reading without error – the Sena-Series™ Teleprompter Training program teaches actionable strategies that improve presenting skills from day one.

Clients will also receive easy-to-follow guidelines and techniques for learning natural delivery that sounds conversational and doesn’t look like the presenter is reading; guidance on banter and ad-libbing; as well as learning the differences between camera prompters, computer prompter programs and presidential speech prompters.

For more information on increasing your confidence with Teleprompter Training, contact us.


Training Programs

Media Training & Publicity Tour Preparation

What do Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, influencers, publicists, attorneys, physicians, authors, and CEOs have in common?

Sena-Series™ Media Training.

Our Client roster spans many of the greatest presenters and experts in the nation. We continue to help these powerhouse professionals polish their skills, improve their confidence, and nail their next interview, publicity tour, or TV hosting opportunity.

Media Training & Publicity Tour Clients enjoy customized training programs, complete with messaging assistance, talking point development, sound bite training, and mock interviews with professional journalists and broadcasters. The Sena-Series team can make a substantial difference in the lives of these talented individuals.

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Sena-Series™ Virtual Training delivers proven results over and over again.

See what our Clients have to say:

“Suzanne’s on-camera training is ESSENTIAL now that everything has gone virtual. Suzanne is my go-to guru in the “work from home” world. Thank you, Suzanne!”

-Dr. Karen Aronian, Ed.D.

“Her training has been some of the most valuable that I have ever received in my career.”

-Alicia Bramble, Asset Manager, Avanath Capital

“Suzanne consulted on our virtual roundtable and instantly was able to identify how to improve the production value, and gave us actionable methods to improve our flow and engagement. Suzanne is my go-to for all of my on-screen appearances!”

-Bridget Case, Sports Reporter and Podcast Host

“Suzanne is amazing! If you are willing to do the work, she can give you a blueprint that can definitely lead to success! Success is inevitable.”

-Dr. Nita Landry, Co-Host of Emmy-Award Winning Talk Show, The Doctors

“The best media trainer in the business!”

-Marc Kamler, APA Talent

“Suzanne Sena changed my life! She taught me everything.”

-Keltie Knight, Entertainment Tonight

“Her coaching and continued support through phone, email, and Skype solidified my confidence.”

-Joey Johnsen, Deloitte & Touche LLP

“This is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

-Keith Addis, President of the Board, Oceana and Co-Founder of Industry Entertainment Partners

Ready to enhance your presence, build your confidence, and achieve proven results?

“Everyone I work with shows improvement in one session.  Even small adjustments can make a big difference!”

Sena-Series™ Founder, Suzanne Sena



The Sena-Series™ Virtual Training team is comprised of accomplished, professional on-camera hosts, reporters, and presenters with national and international experience who understand exactly how to help Clients achieve their very highest level of performance.

Our team members have worked with some of the largest networks in the world, including CBS, Fox News, MTV, Access Hollywood, Extra, Huff Post Live, the Today Show, the Home Shopping Network, Onion News Network, and more.

Each team member is an expert in Sena-Series™ proprietary techniques and programs, through which we deliver proven results again and again.

Ready to enhance your presence, build your confidence, and achieve proven results?


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