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5 ways TV hosting classes and media training can benefit you - even if you don't want to work on TV!

by Suzanne Sena
Professional Television Host/Correspondent and Founder of Sena-Series On-Camera Training and Hosting Workshops

A Career as a Television HostSuzanne Sena - How TV Hosting Classes Can Benefit You
When a person decides to pursue an on-camera hosting career, with hopes of becoming a correspondent for E!, a reality show host, or the next Ryan Seacrest - a great place to start is by taking hosting classes. These consist of a series of classes offered at a reasonable prices, and offer great value for exploring television hosting opportunities, gaining practice in front of a camera, and building a network of similarly-minded classmates. Hosting classes in Los Angeles and New York are readily available for anyone interested in developing an on-camera career, and workshops are held throughout the country and private training via skype.

Non-Broadcast Professionals
It's not uncommon, however, to find students in the classes who have no interest whatsoever in working on television. Doctors, Lawyers, entrepreneurs and business executives are finding that taking these classes helps them improve in their chosen fields exponentially in a variety of ways. While some do go on to become on-camera contributors, others take the knowledge they've learned and apply it to their everyday activities- with great results!

Benefits of On-Camera Training
Here are some of the benefits you'll get from on-camera training - even if you don't want a career in television:

  1. Suzanne Sena - How TV Hosting Classes Can Benefit You Insight into how you come across to others.
    Hosting courses give you the opportunity to see yourself as the world sees you - and the chance to alter it. Most people find that after a few classes they tend to come across more confidently, stronger and with more, well - pizzazz! Simple adjustments in body language, vocal quality and delivery can affect real change in your effectiveness and persuasiveness when speaking. Who can't benefit from that?
  2. Better public speaking skills.
    Most of us find that throughout our careers it will be necessary at one time or another to present to a group – but where do we get a “safe place” to try this out? Hosting classes not only offer several such opportunities, but on-the-spot expert tips for improvement that can be put into immediate action. What’s more, you’ll be able to track your progress because your class work will be recorded.
  3. The ability to properly identify and build your brand.
    As fine-tuning your specific expertise is so important in hosting, you’ll reach further into ways to establish your expertise and build your brand. You'll see how your wardrobe, look and style can help strengthen your particular brand, and learn to use keywords that give you extra credibilty. This can translate into financial gain, promotion opportunities and increased customer retention and expansion.
  4. How TV Hosting Classes Can Benefit You Likability.
    Successful on-camera talent have to be likable and relatable. Learning the techniques for becoming more relatable to audiences can help managers, sales executives, entrepreneurs - even political candidates find more success! How you dress, how you speak, how you stand and move , how you use your voice - all affect your degree of likability, and how people relate to you. Increased likability can increase success in both personal and professional endeavors.
  5. Increased confidence.
    Every person who takes a hosting class develops increased confidence. Speaking in front of an audience on a weekly basis, having the opportunity to receive instant feedback, and employ those tips and techniques regularly - and watching your progress on tape - is a real confidence booster. What’s more, you have the opportunity to learn not just from your own experience, but by sharing in the experiences of others who are performing and receiving feedback as well.

Power in Knowledge Suzanne Sena - TV Hosting Classes
I’ve worked as an on-camera host for years and have always been aware of how my television skills help me in other areas. Working at E! helped develop my interview skills; working on The Onion and being interviewed in character helped me develop my improvisational skills. All of these skills increased my ability to listen better, to not speak over other people, and to be quick on my feet.

I've had doctors who take my classes tell me they change their entire bedside manner after seeing how they come across on camera. I’ve had business owners tell me they learned to communicate better with their employees. I’ve had athletes tell they overcame their fears of speaking to the media after events.

And let’s face it. Nowadays everyone who is in business could be adding a video element to their marketing strategy, whether through youtube videos, website tutorials or even in-house training. Whether you are the person in charge of being that on-camera personality, hiring that person, or overseeing production – wouldn’t it make sense to educate yourself about on-camera techniques and skills?

It’s an old adage but it holds true – the more you learn, the more you know….and there is power in knowledge.

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