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“The secret to success is setting yourself up to win”
                                                               – Emmy-Nominated Host, Suzanne Sena

Suzanne Sena Television Host "The secret to success – in anything – is setting
yourself up to win. By coaching for a speaking
event, an on-camera interview, or audition, you
give yourself a tremendous advantage. You
eliminate surprises. You put yourself in a position
of power and control. You gain confidence. You
set yourself up to win. – Suzanne Sena
Suzanne Sena’s intuitive teaching skills and years of experience as an on-camera
professional have made her an in-demand private coach for celebrities, hosts,
executives and speakers throughout the country.

Her credits cover a broad national scope – Fox News Channel Anchor, Showbiz Tonight
Contributor, E! Entertainment Correspondent, Emmy-Nominated Show Host of Celebrity
, News Anchor/Reporter for CBS, and guest-host for Live with Regis, to name a few.

Currently Anchor/Correspondent for Money Map Press and a recurring Guest host on HSN,
Suzanne has also played the lead role in a TV series, participating as talent in press tours
and publicity appearances. This allows her to offer first-hand experience and insight from
a talent perspective - an advantage that sets her apart from other media trainers. Her
experiences allow her offer insight, tested tips and techniques, and insider knowledge of
what to expect and how to give the performance of a lifetime.
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